About Us

About Us

What we like to tell people about us is that we are small but mighty. We have worked extensively on both the client and agency side and we have seen it all. As clients, we’ve been frustrated when large, traditional agencies develop a big, beautiful strategy or ad campaign with no plan on how to implement it. Large agencies often wine and dine clients during a kickoff meeting, only to hand the work off to an inaccessible design or development department. Or worse, an intern. And don’t get us started on big agency prices.

Sparks and Fuel was born out of a desire to do better. As tactical marketers, not only do we work with clients to develop a strategy to meet the business objectives, but we personally implement and execute each piece. You can see some of our work here.

Your business deserves better.

We want to be your partner to work WITH you to achieve desired results. In fact, not only do we want to help, we want to empower our clients by giving them the tools they need to be better marketers on their own. We are small and nimble, so we can’t hide behind the sprawl of a large agency. And we don’t want to. Our goal is to help small-to-medium-sized businesses get the same quality of work for which larger companies generally over-charge. Our goal is to work in a way that is transparent and allows everyone to grow and be successful.

Our overarching philosophy – in design, work-flow, information architecture and strategic thinking – is to simplify. Search engine marketing, email automation, content marketing, and web-based tools can be a revolution for a business owner or marketing manager who has little time for the daily requirements of business marketing.

Reach out anytime – we’d love to chat about your project.
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