Pet Healthcare Innovation

IDEXX Laboratories is a global leader in veterinary diagnostics and software solutions for animal healthcare. Established in 1983 and with a net worth of over $35 billion, the company offers a wide range of diagnostic tests, instruments, and IT systems to veterinarians, ensuring accurate and timely diagnoses for pets and livestock. IDEXX’s mission is to enhance the well-being of animals worldwide.

The need

The massive challenge presented was to redesign the consumer facing IDEXX website. Equally important was the need to research and select a Content Management System that could accommodate eCommerce, as well as thousands of easily updated content pages driven by five divisions (Companion Animal Group, Water, Livestock, Poultry and Dairy). The site had to be bomb proof, future proof, and able to expand with  company’s extreme growth.

How we helped

+ CMS Selection
+ Website Design
+ Design System
+ Image Production

Important note:
The design work done for IDEXX was accomplished before Sparks and Fuel was officially a business. So while we did the work, IDEXX was never an “official” Sparks and Fuel client. The examples featured here are to highlight the caliber of work and complexity of the successful project. It is also worth noting that since these designs were implemented, IDEXX has updated their branding and as of 2023, their website – while similar in structure and still uses the same CMS – has changed substantially from the designs shown here.