Sterling Rope

Highest quality rope

Sterling Rope is an illustrious manufacturer of high-quality climbing and safety ropes. Based in Biddeford, Maine, the company has a long-standing reputation for producing durable and reliable ropes used by elite climbers, arborists, and rescue professionals. Sterling Rope is known for its devotion to safety, innovation, and we especially love them for their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The need

Sterling has worked with Sparks and Fuel for years and on myriad projects. Deliverables have included product photography, on-site photoshoots, marketing and promotional videos,  animated display ads, print materials, social content, and more.

How we helped

+ Photography
+ Videography
+ Video Editing
+ Display Ads
+ Printing Design

Sparks and Fuel edited a series of product testimonials with members of the American Mountain Guides Association to highlight the benefits of their ropes. Footage provided by Sterling. 
In this video, Sparks and Fuel was given a folder of video clips and asked to “make something with this”. Selecting frenetic music and a chaotic layout, we were able to edit a social video together that highlights [elite climber] Rob Pizem’s typical day.

Notch Equipment is a sister company to Sterling. This video was another case of Sparks being given an assortment of video files and asked to edit them into social content to promote new chainsaw chaps.  

Sterling asked Sparks and Fuel to shoot and edit this promotional video as part of an important launch that introduced the world the the Xeros rope – the only rope that applies waterproofing at the filament level.